Meditation And Weight Loss

Meditation And Weight Loss

Meditation And Weight Loss – When you think about a weight loss method, maybe meditation is not the first thing popping into your mind. But meditation has much more influence upon your body then you thought. Many people experience weight gaining as a result of emotional blockages. Also, many people tend to overeat due to stress or anxiety. A short meditation session daily can prevent these overeating episodes. But meditation also helps in eliminating toxins. The fat that you accumulated is full of harmful toxins that your body doesn’t know how to eliminate. I describe you an awesome detox meditation below. This meditation will clean your body and help your metabolism and immune system.

Meditation And Weight Loss – Detox Meditation – Step By Step

Meditation And Weight Loss

Find a comfortable position. For better results, sit on a chair. With your spine straight. Now place your feet flat on the floor. This will ground you. And then place your palms on your tight. Relax your hands. Move your gaze straight, without focusing on anything in particular. Your focus should be on your feet now.

Take deep and slow breaths and move your focus up on every body part of yours. Notice them and then let them relax. This process is called “scanning” your own body. When you are done with this process, stay in the present moment. Clear your mind f every thought. If a thought pops up, just let it go. Don’t focus on it. Just let it float away. Enjoy the present moment.

Stay in the present moment as long as it feels good. When you are ready to come back, just scan your body again. Be aware of your body. When you feel that you are ready, open your eyes. But don’t move. Stay a little bit. Be aware of your room. And sit up. Also don’t forget to drink a glass of water.

Meditation And Weight Loss

If you practice this meditation daily for a month, your body will start to detox and you will lose weight. The deep breathing brings fresh oxygen to every cell of your body. Boosting your mental activity and every functional system of your body. It also raises your self-cofidence and courage. You will be more optimistic with your diet. And you will be more hopeful for a healthy lifestyle.

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