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Mala Beads

Mala Beads

Malas are strands composed of 108 beads and a “guru” bead. Mala Beads are used in meditation, prayer and contemplation. Maybe you are asking yourself at this moment why are there exactly 108 beads. Well, there are many answers. One of them, and the most popular is that each number composing 18 has an independent meaning. One symbolizes God, the divine, the universe. Zero symbolizes emptiness, mindfulness, humility. The number eight represents for infinity. We need these three aspects in meditation and prayer. Firstly,  Mala Beads are used for thousands of years. They are sacred objects.

Mala BeadsMala Beads

Nowadays, Mala Beads gained a big popularity. It is due to the quick spread of the yoga culture. Yogis love to use these amazing beads. And, in time, wearing them became a trend. You can find different styles of malas, different colors and designs. There are malas made of different crystals. You can choose one made of the crystal that has the most benefits for you. But how can you use the mala you have chosen? Let’s see!

How to meditate with Mala Beads?

As any meditation, it requires a quiet place. You have to sit in silence, or with a soothing and calming meditation song. You can sit in lotus position or lying down. The important thing is to have a straight back. Close your eyes and relax. If you are listening to a meditation song, try to deepen your attention in it. Or take a few long and deep breaths and start a chant. You can use mantras (chants) and malas at the same time. Now hold your mala in your right hand. It must be between your middle and index fingers.

You start at the “guru” bead. And you count the beads on your mala with every chant. You pull the beads towards you as you travel around the mala. Continue to count them until you reach the guru bead again. Don’t pass it! In case you want to continue to meditate and chant, just revers the direction and continue until you reach the guru bead again.

Meditating with Mala Beads is easier than other methods because it helps you to focus your attention. It cleans your mind and helps you to enjoy your meditation. It brings a certain order in your thoughts with every bead that you pass on. The chant or mantra that you use must be well chosen. It must be simple to learn and easy to speak or repeat silently in your mind. It must be a good intention that is only beneficial.

So, choose a mala that you are mostly attracted to and enjoy its benefits. It is not only helpful, but also very good looking and “fashionable”.

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