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Mahavakya Meditation

Mahavakya Meditation

Firstly, the Mahavakyas are known as “The Great Sayings” or “The Great Truths” of the Upanishads. In the Mahavakya Meditation you can choose one of the many great sayings and repeat them as a mantra. The four principal Mahavakyas are:

PRAJNANAM BRAHMA (Prajna or the greater consciousness is Brahman),

AJAM ATMA BRAHMA (This self is Brahman),

TAT TVAM ASI (Thou art that) and

AHAM BRAHMASMI (I am Brahman, I am Divine).

Each one of these Mahavakyas holds its own truth. They are very powerful mantras that can help you to find out who you really are.

Mahavakya Meditation – How to?

Mahavakya MeditationTo start the Mahavakya Meditation you have to find a comfortable position. If you are settled and quiet, choose a Mahavakya. The most commonly used truth is AHAM BRAHMASMI which helps you to realize that you are you are the divine.

Now start to focus on your breath. Take long and slow breaths. Inhale peace, love and compassion and exhale surrender. When you feel that you are relaxed, you can introduce the Mahavakya into your meditation. Inhale deeply and with your exhale chant AHAM BRAHMASMI or I am Brahman.

With every breath you take, let your focus deepen into your mantra. Let the mantra take away a layer of “yourself” with every exhale (layers can be your name, your gender, your occupation, emotions and many more).

Imagine how your soul shines brighter and brighter as you get rid of the layers. So, finish the layers. And then dissolve your soul into the universe. Stay in this peaceful state as long as it feels good. When you are done with the Mahavakya Meditation start to bring back your awareness to your body. Feel your breath. Stay with your eyes closed until you are fully aware. Get up slowly and have a tea or some water.

This awesome meditation is a great way to get rid of bad habits, negative emotions and to learn to love yourself. Practice this meditation as often as you can. With practice you will be able to loose more and more layers. Let this Mahavakya Meditation show you your true self.

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