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Lungs Cleansing Foods

Lungs Cleansing Foods

Due to the high air pollution that we live in, you don’t have to be a smoker to need a cleansing diet for your lungs. Our lungs are like filters, they can get full of toxins when we live in a big city. The good news is that two lungs cleaning diets per year are enough for healthy lungs. And the other good news is that this diet s very easy. There are many Lungs Cleansing Foods to choose from. The best Lungs Cleansing Foods are those high in antioxidants, because they help our body to flush out the toxins naturally.

Lungs Cleansing FoodsLungs Cleansing Foods

Cabbage Veggies – these delicious vegetables are filled with antioxidants. They help our body to cleanse toxins naturally. You can choose to integrate in your diet more more cabbage, broccoli or cauliflower.

Garlic – it has amazing anti-inflammatory properties. It contains an amazing compound called allicin which is important for a healthy body because it help fighting infections and reducing inflammations. It prevents lung cancer and improves asthma.

Turmeric and Ginger – these two spices have high anti-inflammatory properties, they also help the process of cleansing the lungs. Turmeric contains an important compound called curcumin, which is an important ally in fighting cancer cells.

Omega 3 – this is the most important and needed fatty acid for a healthy body. Omega 3 fatty acids are important allies in improving asthma. You can get these beneficial fatty acids by consuming fish and flaxseeds.


Carrots – they contain a compound called carotenoid, which is an orange antioxidant. Carotenoids are important for our lungs because they destroy the free radicals and prevent lung cancer. Carrots also contain beta-caroten, which is converted in our body into vitamin A, beneficial in improving asthma.

Grapefruit – this fruits is packed with lung helping and supporting vitamins and minerals. This amazing fruit is full of flavonoids that are very helpful in cleansing our lungs. Grapefruit is highly recommended for patients with lungs effected by carcinogens.

Foods filled with vitamin C – you can choose to consume kiwi, lemon, peppers, mango, etc. There are many fruits and vegetables filled with vitamin C, which is very important for our lungs. It helps our lungs to transport the oxygen throughout our body.

Water – if you decide to do a lung cleansing diet, then you will need more than Lungs Cleansing Foods. You body needs to be properly hydrated to cleanse all the toxins. When your lungs are properly hydrated, they will easily flush down all the toxins.

Try to introduce these Lungs Cleansing Foods into your daily diet, at least for a month, so you can be sure that your lungs are staying healthy. A recurrent lung cleansing diet is important for a healthy body. If you already consume these foods, then you are lucky, keep eating healthy. Enjoy!

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