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Living Longer

Living Longer

Living longer is the ultimate goal, right? But the quality of your life is also important. We are all looking for ways of improving our lifestyles and living longer. Awareness is important. For that, dietary and lifestyle choices need to adjust all the time.

Here are some things you should stop doing for living longer:

Unhealthy diet. A major factor for a handful of health problems, an unhealthy diet affects your overall well being. From obesity, type 2 diabetes to heart diseases and high cholesterol, these are all a consequence of an unhealthy diet. Choose instead to include more fruits and vegetable in your diet, as well as fiber-rich foods and whole-grain products.

Being a couch potato. Lack of physical activity has been associated with a number of health problems, as well as with the risk of early death. Just a simple training routine can boost your immunity and improve cardiovascular and respiratory functions. Your respiratory functions and muscular strength will also improve. You will sleep better and make better dietary choices.

Not getting enough sleep. The recommended amount of sleep per night is 7 or 8 hours. Lack of sleep can cause your body to not function properly, and increases the risk of getting heart and brain diseases. A good night’s sleep will chase away stress and depression. For a restful sleep, make your bedroom into an almost sanctuary. Make it dark and distraction free. Remove some of the built-up stress by ways of meditation, drink a hot cup of tea or enjoy a warm bath before going to bed.

Stressing a lot. Too much stress in your life can seriously damage living-longeryour health. Even if you don’t acknowledge it, stress negatively affects your heart, metabolism and immune system. You will be more prone to diseases if you are constantly under stress. Take the necessary steps and find way to channel the stress elsewhere. Do yoga, meditate, go for a run, talk to a friend, or write in a journal. Anything to take the pressure off your shoulders.

Living Longer

Smoking. With thousand of chemicals, cigarette smoke harms not only you, but those around you as well. But quitting smoking will add significant years to your life. You will keep at a distance lung cancer, heart diseases, skin problems and accelerated aging. If you need help, talk to a specialist or have your friends support in your decision.

Drinking excessively. A glass of wine is accepted. Even recommended. But drinking excessively will seriously peel years off your life and hinder you from living longer. Health issues such as liver diseases, digestive and heart problems, or diabetes complications are all linked to alcohol. Find the support and treatment that you need, and remove this painful addiction from your life.

These are just some of the things you should stop for living longer. No one says that you should live a monastic life. Just that you pay attention to what you put in your body. And your body’s signals as well. You body tells you everything you need to know. There is no straightforward path. You have to search and find the one that is most suited for you. Best of luck!


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