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Lauviah Angel of Victory

Lauviah Angel of Victory

Lauviah Angel of Victory is the 11th name of God. The Bible scripture according to the name Lauviah is: “The Lord liveth; and blessed be my rock; and let the God of my salvation be exalted”. The names meaning is The Exalted or Praised God (Deus Exaltandus). Also, he is one of the Cherubims.

Lauviah Angel of Victory

Lauviah Angel of Victory

Lauviah is the angel of victory. He is the protector of the renown people, celebrities and successful persons. He has the Light of God and and gives it if you pray for it. Lauviah is the angel of altruism and kindness. If you pray for him, he will fill you with confidence, enthusiasm and joy. This angel has the exalted love for Divine Work. He helps successful initiations, businesses that are useful for humnity. Lauviah can help you to obtain anything from the great people of this world. He is the angel of cosmic organization.

Lauviah is angel you must pray for when you feel failure, envy, jealousy, pride or slander. And he has the power to heal those who greed for power, refuses notoriety and wants only to enjoy the physical resources. Ask for his help when you meet people who uses trickery to succeed and perverse work. So, Lauviah can raise those who live a mediocre life. He can heal excesses and those who aim too high or too low.

Guardian Angel

In conclusion, Lauviah Angel of Victory is the protector of those who were born between May 11 and May 15. Those who were born under the influence of Lauviah have the powerful ability to receive and understand symbolic messages or revelations. Their psychic abilities are manifested in poetry, music, literature or philosophy. Their spirit radiates a strong light due to their nobility and character. They believe in the love from their heart and they will help anyone in need. They are friendly and comforting. These people are educated and love spirituality and philosophy.

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