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Ketogenic Diet Food List

Ketogenic Diet Food List

Ketogenic Diet Food List –  is a diet which uses foods containing fats and protein and restricts the foods that contain high levels of carbohydrate. This diet works and helps to reduce fat because it forces the body to burn fats instead of carbohydrates. This diet was developed to reduce the frequency of epileptic seizures.

Ketogenic Diet Food List

Ketogenic Diet Food List

This diet was used even in ancient Greece. They discovered that by changing a patients diet, they could treat diseases such as epilepsy. It was researched for the first time by Rollin Woodyatt in 1921. He founded three important compounds produced by the liver of people with a healthy diet. One of these compounds is acetone or ketone bodies. Russel Wilder was the first researcher to describe the term of “ketogenic diet”.

In the Ketogenic Diet, the calories come from natural fats. The protein intake has to be moderated. The carbohydrate intakes must be small amounts. When the carbohydrates are digested they broke down into glucose. When we stop consuming carbohydrates, our body will stop producing glucose. Glucose is important for our body to create energy. When the glucose is absent, our body will have to find another compound to burn for energy. Then the body will start to burn fats and protein. This switch is important to teach our body to start burning the fats. When they are digested, fats are broken down to keton bodies. This reduces sugar and insulin levels in the body.

In our days, Ketogenic Diet is used, not only to lose weight or to treat epilepsy. But also to remedy symptoms provoked by cancer, diabetes and even Alzheimer’s disease. This diet works very well in preventing and treating heart disease, autism, insulin resistance, neurological disorders, acid reflux, etc. This diet can even slow aging.

Ketogenic Diet Doods List:

Ketogenic Diet is considered the best diet for weight loss. It is the best diet that works with your biochemistry instead of destroying it.

Ketogenic Diet Food List – Foods that you can consume in this diet are:

  • fats and oils (avocado, olive/coconut/red palm oil, butter, chicken fat, peanut butter),
  • protein (fish, shellfish, eggs, meat, pork, bacon, etc),
  • vegetables (gown above and green leaf vegetables, less vegetables high in sugar),
  • dairy products (cheese, heavy whipping cream, sour cream, cottage cheese),
  • nuts and seeds (macadamias, walnuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, nuts, etc),
  • beverages (water, coffee, tea without added sugar).

You have to watch out for food that contain big amounts of sugar and carbohydrates such as spices like onion, cinnamon, garlic, bay leaves, ginger, cardamon, etc.

Be careful with fruits like berries, raspberries, blueberries and cranberries. Also tomato based products are very high in sugar. Peppers are loaded with sugar too. But green peppers have lower carbohydrates level. You can consume sweeteners instead of sugar, but you have to be careful with them. Sweeteners in big amounts can higher the ketosis in your body. They also increase the sugar cravings.

Cravings are the most dangerous in Ketogenic Diet. When you carve for chocolate, eat nuts and seeds instead. Try to consume vegetables and protein instead of sugary foods. When you crave for carbohydrates as bread or pasta, consume meat with high protein levels instead.

Ketogenic Diet Food List – If you are carfeul and control your cravings, Ketogenic Diet will help you improve your health and loose the weight that seemed so hard to get rid of.

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