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Japa Meditation

Japa Meditation

Japa Meditation – it is a type of mantra meditation. Therefore, it is a meditation which uses a mantra. The chosen mantra will be repeated over and over again during the meditation. Although it might seem hard, this mantra is very simple and easy. When you will start it, your mind will get in tune with the mantra and repeat it itself.

There are 3 types of Japa Meditation:

Maanas – in this meditation you repeat the mantra in your mind, not out loud.

Vachak – in this meditation you whisper your mantra softly. In other words, you repeat your mantra in a really low voice.

Kirtan/Sankirtan – in this meditation you repeat your mantra out loud. You can chant or sing it. And you can also use musical instruments, if you want.

Japa Meditation

Japa Meditation – A Step By Step Guide

Before starting this meditation, you need a place where you will not be disturbed. And also you need to establish a mantra. You mantra can be as simple as “OM”. Or more complex as numerous mantras for Hindu deities. You can find numerous ancient Hindu mantras that have different influences upon your body and spirit.

Next step is to establish which style of Japa Meditation you choose. Will you repeat your mantra in your mind? Or you might whisper or say I out loud? Either way, the mantra will be the same. And the meditation’s effects also. You might also prepare your Mala Beads or other Meditation Tools for this meditation. They are useful in every mantra meditation.

Now stay in a comfortable lotus position. With your spine straight. Close your eyes and take several deep and slow breaths. If you have to read your mantra, then keep your eyes open. And place the paper in a visible position. Don’t use a tablet or phone, because the screen will go off often and you will have to touch it. Driving you out of the meditative state.

When you are feeling relaxed, you can start to repeat your mantra. If it is a shorter one, then repeat it with every exhale. If it is longer, then repeat it slowly. Don’t struggle to repeat a long mantra with a single breath. It will frustrate you. And the meditation will not be successful.

Japa Meditation

Stay in this state of spiritual awareness as long as it feels good. Don’t stop repeating the mantra. Your mind and body will slowly get used to the mantra. And you will repeat it without focusing on it at all.

Before finishing the meditation, slowly open your eyes. And take several breaths. Sit up when you feel that you are ready. Then go a drink a big glass of water. I recommend a glass of water after every meditation session. It drives away the dizziness.

In conclusion, Japa Meditation is not a hard meditation. But it is mostly recommended to those who are already familiar with the Hindu culture and mantras. Also, after getting used to it, you will be able to choose different mantras for different purposes. There are several healing mantras, stress relieving mantras, mantras for spiritual awareness and many more.

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