Is Yoga Good After Back Surgery?

Is Yoga Good After Back Surgery?

Is Yoga Good After Back Surgery? – Many people choose to go back to their yoga class after very difficult surgeries. Back surgery is extremely hard and if you decide to go back to a yoga class, you should consult with doctor and then talk with your yoga instructor. Yoga is very helpful in the period of recovery after back surgery. But there are some difficult poses that you must avoid. Therefore, I made a small list of gentle poses that will stretch your back, but not deeply. Because your back muscles need moving, even after a difficult surgery as yours.

Is Yoga Good After Back Surgery?

Is Yoga Good After Back Surgery

3 Gentle Poses For Your Back

Cobra Pose – This is a gentle pose. Not as stretching and powerful as Upward Facing Dog. But even if it is a gentle pose, you must be very aware of how you feel. Don’t push yourself too hard. Stretch just a little bit. And enjoy the soothing stretch of your back muscles.

Downward Facing Dog – It is a relaxing pose. This pose will not harm your back, but meanwhile, it will provide a gentle stretch. Don’t forget to breath and relax while you are in this pose. Enjoy every second of this pose. Focus on your muscles and enjoy feel the stretch.

Warrior I – This pose is very beneficial in this recovery period. This pose strengthens your back and shoulders. It opens your hips and chest. Therefore, take big and deep breaths in this pose. Let the fresh oxygen enter your body and energize it. This yoga pose improves your respiratory and circulatory systems.

Is Yoga Good After Back Surgery?

Each of these poses are dangerous when your back is not healed enough. Therefore, wait until your back is recovered enough for exercises. Also, even with your doctor’s permission, be deeply aware while doing yoga. If a pose hurts or provokes discomfort, just take a break. Don’t push yourself too hard.

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