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Is Salsa Healthy?

Is Salsa Healthy?

Salsa has the advantage of being a sauce, salad and relish all in one. Usually it does not have any fat or sugar content and it has a wonderful flavor. Is salsa healthy, however? Well, this dish might just surprise you with its nutritious benefits. This common Spanish dish can vary in ingredients as well as flavor. However, there are still come consistent benefits inherent in any salsa recipe.

Salsa has healthy ingredients. There is nothing easier than incorporating fresh fruit or vegetables into this sauce. Actually, no salsa recipe is ever complete without vegetables and herbs. When you put chili in your salsa, you do your digestion a favor. This is because capsaicin, a chemical in chili, promotes a healthy digestion and prevents ulcer.

Salsa is loaded with vitamins. With so many fresh and healthy vegetables, it makes sense for it to have lots of vitamins. Vitamin C protects our bodies from cell damage and neutralizes the toxic compounds. In addition to this, vitamin C improves skin conditions and protects against cardiovascular diseases. It also has lots of vitamin A, which promotes eye health and immunity. This is very good news for salsa lovers!

Is Salsa Healthy?is salsa healthy

Salsa is low in calories. All you people on a diet, you can rejoice! Salsa only has 20 calories per ¼ of a cup. This means that you can now use it as a dip for your chips and vegetables. It makes for a healthier alternative to mayo, sour cream or butter. You can even incorporate it in soups, lentils and beans.

In conclusion, is salsa healthy? With so many good things that it has to offer you, any other answer than yes would be stupid. In case you needed an encouragement to add salsa to your meals, then this is it. Traditional salsa only has jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro and lime juice. These are all natural ingredients that cannot do your body harm. And they are also low in calories.

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