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Informal Education

Informal Education

To begin with, the different approaches to learning and studying, make informal education more and more appealing.

Informal education postulates that you learn things from all that goes on in your daily life. If you have your mind open, that is. Dedicate your time to your long-term education. Thus, you will find something new and interesting in every aspect of your life.

Education is not only about schooling and textbooks. Education encompasses all of the experiences that happen in your life. It’s a spontaneous and fun way to learn things.

You might learn something from your mother or a friend, from your habitual actions. You might even learn something from your pet. A tree or a flower. Interpersonal and soft skills are better developed by means of informal education. It’s what cultivates the right associations and relationships that will help you flourish in any setting.

Here are some common characteristics of informal learning:

It is never organized. Forget rules and textbooks. The informal way is a hands on approach that rarely follows the guidelines. That way, any activity that you can think of has something to offer in termsinformal-education of learning.

It keeps learners motivated. Because it’s not as restrictive as the formal school environment, this type of education makes more eager and attentive students. That way you will actively take part in achieving your dreams and goals.

Informal Education

It is often spontaneous. Inspiration pretty much strikes anywhere, any time. In your personal and professional life, at home or at the office. From when you are young and all throughout your life. Life happens to you and you happen to it.

It has no formal curriculum. Based on your experience, by now, you will have gotten used to some methods that work. There is no program of study or fixed methods. Whichever subject interests you more, you have the freedom to pursue it.

It encompasses the world as your classroom. Learning happens not only in a school or a classroom. Oftentimes, informal education is the one that shapes you as an individual and forms your values and beliefs. In terms of your family, friends, your neighborhood or community, they all have a great deal of influence on your education.

Contrary to the skeptics, informal education is not worthless. Even though it’s often overlooked or regarded as an invalid method of learning, the situation isn’t that black or white. Formal education is not enough. A child that is educated only in school, is not necessarily a wiser child. We all go through different experiences that shapes us into different individuals. So, it is really up to us to learn something from them. If we don’t learn, we will repeat our mistakes until the lesson is learned.

Overall, these two types of education should combine to achieve a beautiful balance. In turn, this balance will contribute to a good development, from early life all throughout adulthood.


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