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I Love Lemon Tea

5 Reasons Why I Love Lemon Tea

I Love Lemon Tea – If you are looking for a refreshing tea in the summer or a hot tea packed with vitamin C in the winter, then Lemon Tea is what you need. I Love Lemon Tea because it is not only very easy to prepare, but it is also very delicious. And it has many benefits for my body. I usually make my own lemon tea with fresh lemons.

There are two simple methods to do your own lemon tea. Both of them needs a fresh lemon and boiling water. The first method, and my favorite, is the one when I slice the lemon in thin slices. I put 3-5 slices in the cup and add the boiling water. Or I squeeze the lemon and I mix the boiling water with the juice. Both need to rest 5-10 minutes. Then I can enjoy my delicious lemon tea.

Why I Love Lemon Tea?

Lemon tea detoxifies the body – it is an amazing cleansing tea. It flushes off the toxins from the body. Which is important for the proper functioning of the body. Because these harmful toxins cause certain diseases.

I Love Lemon Tea

Lemon tea prevents cancer – it is packed with natural antioxidants. Which not only prevent, but also fight cancer. It is also a great cancer fighting ally due to its compounds of polyphenols and vitamin C. These compounds are powerful. They kill the unhealthy cells and prevent the development of cancerous cells.

Lemon tea improves digestion – lemon tea not only cleanses the digestive system from harmful toxins, it also helps it to function properly. Lemon tea calms the digestive system and improves digestion. Also, the citric acid contain in the tea help digestion and even dissolve kidney stones.

I Love Lemon Tea

Lemon tea improves blood circulation – this delicious tea prevents most of the cardiovascular diseases. Also, it has important compounds for a healthy circulatory systems such as flavonoids. These compounds prevent the formation of blood clots and inflammation in the arteries.

Lemon tea treats the symptoms of cold and flu – it is one of the most effective teas in case of cold and flu. A warm lemon tea consumed 3-4 times a day will heal your sore throat. It also thins the mucus in your throat. But lemon tea also warms you up and promotes sweating out the bacteria and viruses.

In conclusion, these are just a few reasons why I Love Lemon Tea and consume it almost daily. I can also easily combine it with other teas. For example, in the morning I prefer a lemon green tea. Which not only boosts my energy levels due to the caffeine in green tea. But it also boost my immune system and metabolism. And when I catch a cold, I Love Lemon Tea with ginger. Because ginger is another very helpful ally in fighting the symptoms of cold or flu.

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