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How to Grow Anise

How to Grow Anise

Anise has one of the strongest flavors that you can find in nature. Anise is a Southern European herb whose flavor reminds you of licorice. The plant has beautiful lacy leaves and white flowers, growing as a bushy herb. If you want to know how to grow anise, then we will inform you that it’s not hard. By growing anise in your garden you can have an endless supply of it, whenever you want to use it.

You can harvest anise in August to September, when the flowers start seeding. Save the seed heads and keep them in a paper bag. Once they are dry enough to release the seeds, take the seeds out of the flower heads. Keep them in a dark place until spring time. Make sure not to let any moisture get to them or they will become moldy.

How to Grow Anisehow to grow anise

Growing anise as a gardening project is not a difficult task. In addition to this, it will also provide you with lots of seeds that you can use for various purposes. Anise seeds are really small. Thus, you can sow them easily with a seed syringe if you want to plant them indoor. If you want to plant anise outdoors, sandy soil works best for it.

The temperature of the soil is also important when it comes to planting anise. Therefore, the soil should be somewhere around 15 degrees Celsius / 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Place the seeds in rows and leave 2 to 3 feet between them. Put around 12 seeds per foot. Insert the seed ½ inch deep in soil. Water the soil immediately after little sprouts start to emerge. Any sooner than that and it can drown the seed and make it moldy. Water the seeds two times a week until they reach 8 inches high. At this point you can reduce the watering frequency.

All in all, this is how to grow anise for your own personal use. Remember to apply a fertilizer from time to time. The ideal period is between June and July.


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