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How to Cut a Papaya

How to Cut a Papaya

Papayas are a delicious tropical fruit that typically grow in Mexico. Nowadays they are a very popular treat worldwide. They have an eggplant like shape and mottled green skin, with an orange interior. Papayas are an excellent source of fiber and vitamins A and C. Because we know that many people have problems with them, today we will show you how to cut a papaya.

Pick a ripe papaya. The first step is, of course, picking a great papaya fruit that is also ripe. You need to know when they are ripe. Once the skin turns yellow and looks a bit bruised, it means it is ripe. Try pressing your fingers into its surface. They should make slight indentations.

If a papaya is too mushy or smells too sweet, then it is too ripe for you to eat. If it’s green, then you need to leave it a bit more on your counter. Handle the fruit with care, because papayas tend to bruise quite easily.

How to Cut a PapayaHow to Cut a Papaya

Wash the papaya. You cannot eat the green skin of the fruit. However, it is still important to wash it because it prevents contamination once you cut it.

Lay it on a flat surface. Papayas are juicy, therefore they can make a bit of a mess. Lay them on a cutting board and have a towel in handy.

Cut the papaya. Now we finally got to how to cut a papaya. Use a sharp knife or a serrated bread knife. Start by cutting off the ends.

Slice it in half lengthwise. After you cut off both of its ends, it’s time to cut it in half, lengthwise. It will have a slightly funny smell.

Scoop out the seeds. Take a spoon and use it to remove the black seeds from the middle of the fruit.

Slice the papaya halves crosswise. Now you can begin cutting your papaya in little cubes. Cut your halves into smaller parts and then go from there.

This is how to cut a papaya, simple and quick, with no mess. Hopefully this was helpful to you.

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