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Home Remedies for Muscle Cramps

Home Remedies for Muscle Cramps

Not limited only to increased physical activity, muscle cramps can also occur due to vitamin and minerals deficiencies.

Overdoing it while exercising can cause cramps. Putting to much strain on your muscles, or not being properly hydrated, can increase the frequency and intensity of your muscle cramps.

The symptoms, which include tightness, pain and a know of hard tissue beneath the skin, usually subside. You can gently massage, use home remedies or stretching exercises. But if the symptoms persist, it would be best if you saw a doctor.

Here are some home remedies for muscle cramps you can use in the meantime:

Water. Lack of water can cause your muscles to function improperly. This results in lock ups and cramps. Water is important for every cell and tissue. So the next time you start your training session, make sure that you are properly hydrated.

Pressure. Gentle pressure appmuscle-crampslied on the cramped area can improve blood flow. In turn, the muscle will loosen up and the cramps will go away. Gently massage or apply light pressure on the problem area.

Stretching. A good way to eliminate the risk of straining or pulling a muscle is stretching before and after working out. But stretching is also good for muscle cramps. It is a good method to improve blood flow and relieve the pressure and tension around the cramped area.

Muscle Cramps

Heating pads. Likewise, to improve blood flow and hydrate your tissues, you can apply a heating pad. If the cramps last for extended periods of time, it would be more efficient to alternate them with cool pads.

Calcium. One of the most important minerals in the body, calcium contributed to a proper muscle control and movement. You can include in your diet calcium-rich foods like leafy greens, cheese and fish, or take calcium supplements.

Electrolytes. These important minerals ensure that your body gets the necessary minerals. Potassium and magnesium are especially important and efficient. If you suffer from chronic muscle cramps, it might be because you have a deficiency.

Apple cider vinegar. With many uses and benefits, apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium. It balances the fluid balance and boosts your body’s ability to deal with tension and cramps.

These are some of the most efficient home remedies for muscle cramps. Try them for a quick relief from pain and discomfort. If the problem persists, consider visiting a doctor, as it might point to more serious health conditions.


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