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Holy Basil for Sleep

Holy Basil for Sleep

Anxiety and insomnia are two reactions that happen when an individual is under lots of stress. However, excessive and irrational reactions towards everyday situations are not normal. These fall under the category of anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders can lead to insomnia or a lack of sleep. Apart from avoiding stressors or products with caffeine, you can also try other things. For example, did you know that you can take holy basil for sleep?

Holy basic is a small shrub that has been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic medicine. The hairy and strongly aromatic leaves contain chemicals that offer lots of health benefits. You can find holy basil under many forms on the market. For example, there are supplements, liquid extracts, oils and pills.

Holy Basil for Sleep

holy basil for sleepAccording to a recent study, 500 milligrams of holy basil capsules two times a day can lower the intensity of anxiety disorder. A study conducted on animals also showed that holy basil can lower the symptoms of depression. Managing these two disorders may, in turn, be able to cure insomnia. Taking holy basil for sleep works because of its analgesic effects. It helps relax the muscles and in turn offer you a more restful sleep.

There are not many studies that show the safety of using holy basil on humans. However, taking it for short periods of time will not affect your health. Certain sources state that longer usage can reduce sperm count. In addition to this, it may interfere with a class of drugs that people take to inhibit the nervous system.

Precautions: Although you can find supplements with holy basil in most pharmacies, be careful with them. Better consult with your doctor before you start a cure with these products. Do whatever you can to ensure that your supplements are safe to take. Remember that most of the findings come from tests conducted on animals. However, you can try holy basil for sleep and see how it helps you out.


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