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Hekamiah Angel of Loyalty

Hekamiah Angel of Loyalty

Hekamiah Angel of Loyalty is the 16th name of God. The Bible scripture according to the name Hekamiah is: “O Lord God of my salvation, I have cried day and night before thee”. The name’s meaning is The Rousing/Raising God (Deus Erector). Also, he is one of the Cherubims.

Hekamiah Angel of Loyalty

Hekamiah Angel of Loyalty

Hekamiah represents the Loyalty to Divine Principles. He brings royal attitude in your life and respect for commitment. This angel will answer your prayers when you wish to become a good coordinator or pacifier. He will fill you with candor and nobility. Hakamiah Angel of Loyalty has all the power to help you with your responsibilities and help you to become a good leader. He can protect and guide political or social organizations, liberators. Hekamiah is the angel of the universal love.

Hekamiah is the one you need in case of betrayal, war or rebellion. If you feel agony or struggle and torn by indecision or remorse, he will answer your prayers and remove all those negative feelings. He can cure a selfish love or passion. Hekamiah can protect you from plotting or scheming. Pray for him when you feel diminished or irresponsible. He has the power to heal megalomaniacs, those who are idolatrous or self-serving.

Guardian Angel

In conclusion, Hekamiah Angel of Loyalty is the protector of those who were born between June 6 and June 10. These people have a natural aura of peace. Their character is full of nobility, sincerity and authority. Those who are influenced by Hekamiah are honest, loyal and brave. They are very sensitive to issues of honor. Their priority is their family and children. They live their life with a lot of tenderness, love, hope and wish. And they love changes. These people tend to do periodical changes from furniture to physical appearance They are loved by everyone and respected for their sensitivity.

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