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Healthy Salty Snacks

Healthy Salty Snacks

When you crave a salty snack it is easy to take something from the vending machine. But there are some Healthy Salty Snacks alternatives you should consider. Many of the commodity products are unhealthy and often can affect your health. These healthy alternatives will satisfy your cravings. Also, these are low-calorie and keep the fat away from you.

Healthy Salty Snacks

Healthy Salty Snacks

Whole Wheat crackers with Olive Spread. You only need to mix your favourite olives with some olive oil, salt and pepper to taste in a blender. Then you can use this spread for a delicious salty snack.

If you don’t like the olives, you can replace the olives with some cottage cheese. But, be sure you buy a low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese. Mix it with some cucumbers, salt and pepper and spread it over a whole-wheat cracker. Each of these two spreads contain somewhere between 160 and 200 calories for 2 crackers.

Turkey Jerky is another great alternative. You can have two or three slices of regular turkey jerky on a slice of whole wheat bread or rye bread. Also, you can add a couple of tomato slices on it. This is very rich in protein and easy to keep at your desk. Furthermore, a slice of bread with turkey jerky contains only 80 calories.

Rice Chips. Many times you want something crunchy. But potatoes chips are unhealthy, full of fat and highly processed. What you should do in this case? Well, rice chips are the best alternative. They are gluten free and ten chips contain only 140 calories. This is a perfect choice for your crunchy moment.

So, if you want to eat some Healthy Salty Snacks, these are the best alternatives. You can avoid the vending machine from now. Even if you want something crunchy, or simply want to eat something, they are perfect for you!

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