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Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

If you are a mother-to-be, then you need to pay attention to what you eat. The Healthy Pregnancy Diet contains all the foods that are healthy for you and your baby. There many foods that mothers are consuming all over the world, not knowing that they are harmful for the babies. A Healthy Pregnancy Diet can help and improve yours and your babies health.

Healthy Pregnancy Diet

Healthy Pregnancy Diet Tips:

The first tip is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. You can consume them fresh, dried or in juice. You can even buy them frozen. Five portions of fruits and vegetables are indispensable for a healthy baby.

Consume starchy foods. Choose wholegrain, they are more healthy. You can consume bread, pasta, rice and potatoes.

The Healthy Pregnancy Diet includes diary foods. Such as milk, yogurt and cheese. They are reach in calcium.

Foods rich in protein are also important. You can consume lean meat, chicken, fish and eggs. Fish is important source of omega-3. Try to include at least two portions of fish per week.

There are certain vitamins that your baby needs for a good and healthy development. These are:

Folate and folic acid – it prevents birth defects like: brain, neural tube and spinal cord defects. But don’t abuse because too much vitamin B (folate) will decrease the risk of preterm delivery. The perfect dose of folate and folic acid per day is 800 micrograms. A Healthy Pregnancy Diet should contain foods with folate and folic acid such as: cereals, spinach, beans, asparagus and oranges.

Healthy Diet

Calcium and Vitamin D – strengthen your babies’ bones. Calcium helps your baby to get strong bones. It is also important for a healthy muscular, nervous and circulatory system. Vitamin D helps in building the muscular system. A Healthy Pregnancy Diet must contain 1000 mg of calcium/day and 600 international unite (IU) of vitamin D/day. The foods that are the most rich in calcium are: cereals, milk, yogurt, cheese, salmon and spinach. But you also have to consume more of products that contain vitamin D such as: fish, milk and eggs.

Try to avoid foods that are unhealthy for your baby. You have to stop eating cheeses like brie and camambert. It includes every cheese with that white rind and the blue-veined ones. The bacteria they contain (listeria) is very bad for your baby. Also avoid raw or under-cooked meat or eggs. If they are not cooked properly they can contain bacteria that is not healthy for your child. But don’t overcook the food. Foods like bread and potatoes, when they are overcooked or over-baked are also harmful for your child. A Healthy Pregnancy Diet must not contain uncooked seafood or sushi. Also avoid fishes that are high in mercury such as: tuna, shark, swordfish or marlin.

Other harmful foods that you must avoid in a Healthy Pregnancy Diet is liver and products that contain liver. Big amounts of retinol (a substance contained in liver) is bad for your baby.

But the most important to avoid are alcohol and caffeine.

These are the most basic tips that you have to pay attention to in a Healthy Pregnancy Diet. For a healthy baby, the mother has to eat healthy.

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