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Healthy Fruit Desserts

Healthy Fruit Desserts

Desserts play an important part in your life if you have a sweet tooth. Finding new recipes for Healthy Fruit Desserts can be a challenge if you are told that they should be placed on your Do Not Eat list. When you’re trying to lose weight is essential to keep in mind not to exaggerate in terms of sweet treats. But that doesn’t mean you should forget them altogether. You are allowed the occasional delight.

Make healthy desserts as part of your balanced, healthy meal plan. Opt for unprocessed desserts and preferably cook them yourself. That way you know for sure what ingredients you use and how many sugar and fats are added. Instead of using white sugar, you can embrace the more natural sweeteners, such as stevia, agave syrup or honey. Not only will your healthy desserts taste better, but they will also be more beneficial for your dietary plan.

Healthy Fruit Desserts

Healthy Fruit DessertsThe following are some of the healthy desserts that you can choose from:

Peanut butter. It’s sufficiently consistent and is a healthy fat itself. It is a rich source of protein and potassium and very heart friendly. You can pair it up with jelly and you’ve got yourself a healthy, satisfying dessert. Despite all its fat and sodium content, it actually helps you lose weight by means of reducing your craving for junk food and unhealthy snacks.

Rice pudding. Simple to make in terms of time and ingredients. I’m sure that you used to eat a lot of it when you were little, so why not go back in time to the good old days? Add some jam, fruits, nuts, cocoa or cinnamon and you’re good to go. If you are on a strict diet choose a low-fat milk and wild rice. Have fun with it!

Yogurt parfait. Easy to assemble and great for breakfast or a in-between-meals treat. You can combine Greek yogurt, lower in fat, with whatever topping you can think of: crumbled graham crackers, musli, oats, fresh strawberries or blueberries, and even nuts or chocolate. Layer them however you want and enjoy your healthy desserts.

Healthy Fruit Desserts

Smoothies. They are great ways to boost your immune system and bring the necessary intake of protein and nutrients. The good thing about them is that you don’t have to limit to fruits only. You can combine fruits, vegetables and spices with water, ice, dairy products and sweeteners. They are a great way to start your day and power up your mind and body.

Although blamed for contributing to weight gain, desserts don’t do that by themselves only. Depending on how, when and how much you eat, how much you exercise and the levels of stress in your life, you weight may decrease or increase. If you do decide do follow a dietary plan, make sure to include the necessary healthy desserts and lots of exercise.

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