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Healthy Diet Plans

Healthy Diet Plans

Healthy Diet Plans – A good diet is not only about weight loss, but about having a healthy body and life created by consuming the right food. A healthy eating habit is not as hard to create as most of us think. There are many diets that tells you to consume only a very small variety of food. There are diets based only on vegetables, fruits or meat. Those diets which are based on just one kind of food are not healthy at all. With these diets you will get too much nutrients that each kind of food contain. And you will get less and very low amounts of nutrients that your body usually gets when you consume a huge variety of food.

Healthy Diet Plans

Healthy Diet Plans

Healthy Diet Plans mean consuming a big variety of foods. Not all the foods contain all the nutrients your body needs. So you have to eat a variety of foods to get the best nutrients you need for a healthy body. You also have to keep an eye on the portions. Higher calorie foods need portioning. Try to avoid large amounts of foods. It is healthier to eat small amounts of food 6 times a day, than a large amount once or twice. Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. Include in your diet more green, orange, red and blue or purple fruits and vegetables.

A Healthy Diet includes whole grains. You must consume whole grains everyday. Include in your diet more whole grains such as wheat, barley and oats. A Healthy Diet excludes the consuming of refined grains and sugar. This means that you have to limit white bread, pasta and snacks in your diet. You also have to be careful to the sugar you use in your coffee/tea, food, dessert, etc. Try to eat more fish and nuts. These foods supply the unsaturated fats in our body. They also contain omega-3 and prevent heart disease.

You also have to be careful what are you cooking. Here are some Recipes for Healthy Diet.

Healthy Diet Plans

Stop eating animal fat! A Healthy Diet never includes animal fat. Processed meat is the most dangerous. It includes LDL which is the cholesterol that we all are afraid of. If you can’t cut it off your diet once for all, you must at least try to consume healthier versions. You can consume skinless and non-fat meat. The big problem is that even if the meat is low fat it still includes the saturated fats that are very bad for our health. Cut off the partially hydrogenated vegetable oils. They are very unhealthy and destroy the good cholesterol that our body produces. Then they replace the good cholesterol with the bed one. A Healthy Diet keeps sodium down and potassium up.

Consume a lot of citrus fruits, bananas, potatoes, beans and yogurt. You also need a lot of orange juice and soy milk for calcium and vitamin D3. If you can’t get enough calcium and vitamin D3 from the food you eat, then you must take supplies. But we recommend you to choose food over supplements. Every food has it’s nutrients. When you feel that you are low on calcium, vitamin, minerals, potassium you have to consume foods that contain higher levels of the nutrients you need.

Healthy Diet Plans

You also have to watch out for the liquid calories. Beverages are full of calories that our body has no idea what to do with. These are most obesity causes all around the world. A Healthy Diet represents a moderated consumption of alcohol. It dehydrates your body severely. And our last advice is to drink plenty of water. An average body needs more than 1 l of water a day. This is the lower limit for a good functionality. For a better health you can try to drink 2 liters or more of water. It will wash up you body, every cell. If you can afford to drink more than 3 liters of water for a longer period, you will look younger and healthier.

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