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Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Healthy Coffee Alternatives

Although coffee might have a number of health benefits, excessive consumption can leave you feeling jittery and anxious. Used as a good energy booster in the morning, it gives you the necessary tools to take on the daily tasks without murdering people. But consumed regularly all throughout the day and especially late in the evening, this delicious beverage can disrupt your sleeping patterns.

Here are some healthy coffee alternatives:

Green tea. With slightly less caffeine, but leaving you as refreshed, green tea is a great option. With anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, this tea fights diseases and is a great ally in your weight loss efforts.

Nutty smoothies. A rich source of protein and fiber, nuts make a good snack. Mix them into a smoothie with low-fat milk, bananas and blueberries and your energy levels will go up right from when you wake up!

Wheat-grass juice. A natural known energizer, wheat-grass juice is not just for fancy people. Rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients, this juice is among the most nourishing juices. It is coffee-alternativesdigested and assimilated quickly and is a good energy supplement.

Chai. You have probably sipped on a chai latte without realizing all the benefits that there is to it. Made with black tea, milk, and a variety of spices, chai can help you reduce your caffeine intake and kick start your system in the morning.

Coffee Alternatives

Lemon water. A lukewarm glass of lemon water in the morning can really boost your digestive system and make you feel energized. With a delicious taste, it’ll improve your overall health significantly.

Pomegranate juice. A delicious coffee alternative, pomegranate juice is a definite energy booster. Rich in vitamins and antioxidants, this juice can easily be incorporate into other beverage recipes as well.

Green smoothies. Different combination of your favorite green vegetables can be a great morning pick-me-up. So, think along the lines of spinach, kale, mango and blueberries and enjoy a deliciously healthy smoothie.

Prune juice. With positive action on the electrolytes in your body, prune juice increases stamina. It also energizes you and gives you the right attitude to tackle the world.

Overall, here are just some of the more healthy alternatives that can offer you the same benefits as coffee. The feelings that you are probably searching in the morning are happiness and energy. These alternatives will give you just that. And by reducing your caffeine intake you will ensure that you will fall asleep easier at night and get a good night’s sleep.


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