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Hazards at Home

Hazards at Home

If you come to think about it, the hazards at home are one of the cause that contribute to diseases. If you are suffering from a childhood disease, it probably has its roots there. Toxic substances that you eat, touch or inhale represent the hidden hazards at home. So before blaming a lot of things, except your home environment, take a closer look around.

Here are some of the best known hazards at home:

Mold. Infiltrating in sunlight deprived and damp places, mold is one of the most dangerous hazards at home. It can usually be found in your basement, in the corner of your ceilings, floor and old furniture. It also build up inside your A/C or heating system. The common symptoms of coughing, sneezing, migraines, joint, muscle and stomach pain lead in time to gastrointestinal and sinus problems, as well as asthma.

Lead. A highly toxic substance, lead can still be widely found in homes around the country. Common symptoms of lead poisoning cause nerve and reproductive disorders, high blood pressure, or poor muscle coordination. It is one of the most dangerous hazards at home for children. Because they have the habit of touching and putting objects in their mouth they are more prone to getting poisoned. In turn, it causes growth problems and, in more serious cases, brain damage.hazards-at-home

Household cleaners. Cleaning aids might contain toxic substances. All the detergents, soaps and bleaching agents are probably not all natural. And by touching or inhaling over prolonged periods of time, they affect the thyroid, metabolism and blood sugar levels. They can also cause abdominal pain, headaches and nausea.

Hazards at Home

Naphthalene balls. They are widely used to keep away moths and other insects. Gardeners even used them to chase away insects, birds and rodents. But by using them long-term, you can unknowingly inhale or absorb it through your skin. Studies conducted on rats have shown that they trigger cancerous activity in male and female rats.

Cosmetics. A majority of your favorite beauty products are made with artificial and toxic ingredients. Certain compounds, such as parabens, mercury, and formaldehyde that are found in the most common cosmetics have powerful cancerous properties. They also can cause hormonal imbalance and reproductive disorders.

These are just some of the hazards at home. Pay attention to the environment you live in, because you spend most of your time there. Be mindful also about what you put in your body. Whether it’s cosmetics, or food, I think it’s safe to say that we could all be making healthier choices.


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