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Harmful Food Condiments

Harmful Food Condiments

Food condiments make it all better. In terms and texture and taste, we all turn to them. Be it ketchup or mayo, our sandwiches taste better with them. But the truth of the matter is we often overlook the harm they do. They are rich in sodium and other harmful chemicals. A good dietary rule says that if you cannot pronounce the ingredients of your food condiments, it’s best to kick them. Removing them for your diet will help in your weight loss efforts and ensure that you will not indulge in harmful ingredients.

Here are some of the most harmful food condiments:

Ketchup. Although it might be made with tomatoes, chances are that it contains just traces of them. It is also filled with sugar and salt and high fructose syrup. Try organic ketchup or make your own with from fresh tomatoes.

Barbecue sauce. Likewise, barbecue sauce contains high amounts of sugar, salt and artificial chemicals. Studies have showed that it poses the risk of devefood condimentsloping cancer. So the next time you’re thinking of using it, spice your chicken or ribs with homemade sauce or delicious herbs.

Light salad dressing. With little light or calories, any bottled salad dressing is generally bad. If you’re on a diet, skip it and make your own dressing from yogurt, lemon juice, vinegar or herbs.

Harmful Food Condiments

Mayonnaise. Conventional mayonnaise is usually made with modified soybean oil. In turn, this oil increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. Hummus, avocado, or organic mayo are always healthier choices.

Honey mustard. Although it might be relatively low in fat and calories, it is high in sugar and high fructose corn syrup. If you come to think about it, it’s pretty easy to make it yourself. Just add some honey on your favorite mustard and enjoy the same taste with less chemicals.

Tartar sauce. Relatively similar to mayonnaise, tartar sauce is bad because of two reasons. It has all the harmful ingredients and it usually is eaten with deep-fried food. Talk about a toxic combination.

These are just a few of the most harmful food condiments. The next time you go shopping, take a couple of minutes to read the labels. You will soon become more aware of the ingredients. And you will want to stop ingesting harmful ingredients. You can easily make all of them yourself. If you keep it on the safe side and reduce the intake of store-bought food condiments, you will soon see improvements. You will also make healthier choices and you will become more aware of how your body reacts. Just little changes can improve your health. Do it today!


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