Guided Meditation For Addiction

Guided Meditation For Addiction

Guided Meditation For Addiction – Many people suffer from addiction all around the world. Most of them choose to visit a rehabilitation clinic. Others choose to seek healing in new age esoterics. Meditation was proven as an effective method to heal different emotional, mental and even physical problems. Therefore, many people choose to seek recovery in mindfulness.

This Guided Meditation For Addiction uses mindfulness to bring healing. For people who suffer from addiction, mindfulness is very hard to reach. But when you succeed, you will see its benefits. Mindfulness is the state in which your mind is clear. Your thoughts are is harmony. And you can experience a state in which the cravings are not present. The cravings are the biggest cause of relapse in the detox period. This Guided Meditation For Addiction will help you to master your cravings and to control them.

Guided Meditation For Addiction – Step By Step

Guided Meditation For Addiction

Stay in a comfortable position. Opt for a chair or cross-legged position. Because many people tend to fall asleep when they meditate lying down. Therefore, stay with your spine straight. Now it is time to breathe. Take long and slow breaths. Meanwhile relax your body. Start it from your toes. And finish it on your face, eyes, nose, cheeks. When you feel relaxed, stop controlling your breath. Let your body breath at its own pace.

It time to relax and enjoy mindfulness. Observe your breath, without controlling it. Also observe your body and how it feels. Observe your emotions and thoughts. Don’t control them or try to understand them, just notice them. And then let them go. Keep your mind clean. And try not to wonder away in your thoughts.

Your cravings will block you from mindfulness. But this Guided Meditation For Addiction will help you to control them. In your first few sessions, the cravings will appear time to time as emotions and thoughts. If you notice them and let them go, then they will gradually disappear. Until you will no longer feel them while in mindfulness.

This powerful Guided Meditation For Addiction will help you to reach recovery through mindfulness. It helps you to control your thoughts, get rid of cravings and a negative mindset.

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