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Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are celestial beings that take care of us all of our life. They accompany us from the beginning of our life. But they are not only protecting us. They are also there to make sure that we follow the path we have to. The Guardian Angels are with us from the beginning of our lives. When the union of our soul and the body takes place, God appoints and angel or a group of angels to watch over us.

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels

Angels are celestial beings created by God on the first day. When God created light, it doesn’t refer to the Sun. That light represents the angels that will help him create the rest of the world. Every human being gets one or more guardian angels to watch over him.

Every Guardian Angel has a name given by God. Knowing your guardian angel’s name can ease the way you communicate with him/them. Your Guardian Angels can also communicate with you. They can do it by using thoughts, images, feelings or even words. If there is a sudden thought, image or feeling that comes to your mind, it might be your guardian angel trying to guide you. But there a rare occasions when they talk clearly. These events are very rare and usually happen in dangerous situations.

You can ask your angels for signs that they are next to you. These signs can be thoughts, feelings or material things. When I say material, I don’t think of an angel appearing a a physical body to you. They are spiritual beings, but they can influence the material world. When you find coins, feather, butterflies. When you see a rainbow or feel a beautiful scent next to you, it may be a sign. You can also see angel shaped appearances. You can often see angel shaped clouds, shadows, etc.

Celestial Guides

As I said before, angels are spiritual beings. Our Guardian Angels are not connected to the material world. They are not influenced by the material laws we have on Earth such as gravity, heaviness, speed, etc. They move much faster then we would ever think. You can ask your angels to help out a friend or to send a message to God. You don’t have to wait hours, they will be back quicker than you could imagine.

Our Guardian Angels are the guides and protectors of our spirit. We are in this world to learn. We have to face certain events and situations. Out protectors will guide us through those events. They will protect us from situations we were not meant to get through. But if there is something we must learn from, they will guide us there and help us through. Learn to appreciate and thank them for their struggle to help you. Ask for their name and communicate with them everyday. Don’t forget to ask for their help. They can get you closer to God.

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