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Your Guardian Angels Name

Your Guardian Angels Name

Every human being receives one or more guardian angels to help and protect him. We all have guardian angels watching over us. They are next to us always until our last day. Knowing your Guardian Angels Name is a big help. It allows you to communicate more efficiently with your protectors. There are many ways you can ask for their names. And also they can reply in many ways.

Guardian Angels Name

Find Out Your Guardian Angels Name

Most of us imagine our guardian angels as beautiful creations looking like human beings covered in light. They are not only covered in light, they are made of light. They are spiritual beings. We can’t compare their “body” to our physical body.

Asking for our Guardian Angels Name is easy. You need a quiet place. Choose the place and the time where and when you are not distracted by anything. Close your phone, laptop, TV, anything that could distract you. Create a place for meditation, contemplation. You can create an altar, if you wish. You can use candles, pictures with angels, flowers, feathers, crystals, etc. Now get comfortable and quiet your mind. Let your thoughts flow. When you feel ready, close your eyes. Try to feel the presence of your guardian angel next to you. When you think it’s time, you can ask for your Guardian Angels Name. There’s no prayer or poem for this. Just ask for his name nicely. Then wait. You may get your Guardian Angels Name immediately. But there are many other ways for your protector to answer your question.

Guardian Angels

One of the methods your guardian angel can tell you his name is with a thought. The name appears to your mind from nowhere. The most common way the angels communicate us their names is in our dreams. To be sure that you don’t miss it, keep a notebook next to your bed. Other way your celestial guide can tell you his name is buy showing you. You may see the name somewhere and get a deja-vu feeling. A feeling that you that name.

In my case, when I asked my guardian angel, his name appeared in my dream. I was staying in the middle of nowhere, and the name started to get written with light on a black background. It was an interesting dream. I was and still am a little skeptical, so I didn’t believe it. But then I saw it written on my screen when I was browsing the internet. It just popped into my eyes and then disappeared, the same name. It was an interesting experience.

You can ask for your Guardian Angels Name anytime. Don’t hesitate. They are our celestial protectors. Celestial Beings protecting and guiding us. They can’t wait to see your more open to a frequent communication with them. Open your heart to them and let them talk to you. They are your protectors in this life only. Don’t hesitate to talk to them and thank them for everything they do for you.

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