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Guardian Angel Yezalel

Guardian Angel Yezalel

Guardian Angel Yezalel is the angel of loyalty. The meaning of his name is The God Who Sung Above All. In the Jewish culture, Guardian Angel Yezalel belongs to the choir of angels called Auphanims. Ruled by Raziel the archangel. But in the Christian culture, he is one of the Cherubims.

Guardian Angel Yezalel

Guardian Angel Yezalel

Yezalel is the angel of fidelity, and loyalty. He brings into your life reconciliation and affinity. Guardian Angel Yezalel will help you to get happy memories that will last forever. He can also help you with school, learning or courses, studying. Yezalel is the angel who can help you find a true friend when you are in need. He can also help you to find faithful employees and friends. This magical angel can bring unity into your family, home, relationships, business, workplace, etc. Guardian Angel Yezalel creates and maintains the balance between the masculine and the feminine inside of all of us. He also allows us to have a harmonious life filled with order and peace. When Yezalel is present into your life, you will learn to be faithful to the Divine Principles and to respect them.

Angel Of Loyalty

Yezalel is the guardian angel of all of those people who were born between May 21 and May 25. If you celebrate your birthday in this period, then you are strongly influenced by Yezalel’s presence in your life. You have a great memory. You are very intelligent and you understand everything in a great logical way. Also, you understand the spiritual world and the way it works. Fidelity is the greatest thing you give and want to get from others. You also need to feel the unity in your own family.

You are very interested in activities linked to family. Institutions created to defend the family are the best communities you want to belong to. You accept life as it is, with no complains or regrets. Your Guardian Angel Yezalel will help you all your life to be surrounded by faithful and loyal friends. But the most important thing in this life of yours is that you are in perfect harmony in the spiritual plan of existence.

If you are not born in this period, you can still enjoy Guardian Angel Yezalel‘s guidance. Pray for his protection when you are surrounded by betrayal. He will help you find loyal friends. Your family will be united and faithful.

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