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Guardian Angel Yeialel

Guardian Angel Yeialel

Guardian Angel Yeialel is the angel of mental power. Firstly, the meaning of his name is God Who Is Listening To Our Sighs. In the Jewish Culture, He belongs to the Beni Elohims. They are ruled by Archangel Ariel. But in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Yeialel belongs to the choir of Archangels. Therefore, they are being ruled by Archangel Michael.

Guardian Angel YeialelGuardian Angel Yeialel

Yeialel is the angel of mental force. He is the helper of psychics. He helps the improvement of psychic abilities such as clairvoyance and lucidity. Guardian Angel Yeialel is the bringer of great logic. He allows you the capability to clean your thoughts and to discern. Therefore, Yeialel helps you to develop your intellectual faculties. If you have struggle using computers, this amazing can help you. He can improve your programming abilities. Guardian Angel Yeialel can help you discover and understand the Divine Laws. He can help you to focus and concentrate your thoughts. Yeialel fills you with patience, bravery and frankness. He also brings a sense of justice into your life.

Mental Power

Guardian Angel Yeialel is the protector of those who were born between January 06 and January 10. If you are lucky to be born in this period, then you are influenced by the angel of mental power. Guardian Angel Yeialel influences your life and your character. Therefore, you will always be protected by the planet Venus. You are filled with courage and bravery. But these qualities you can also get from Malahidael or Haiyael. Difficult situations are not a problem for you. Problems are evaluated and solved by you with patience and lucidity.

You are a very loving and optimistic person. You love order, but mostly you love the truth. Also, you are aware of your sensuality and embrace it with ease. The only thing that you hate the most is indecision. You observe every opportunity quickly. The purpose of your life is to find the balance between the material and the spiritual world. You will always suffer from conflicts coming from inside. But these conflicts will stop when you will find the best partner. Someone who will complete and support you.

Guardian Angel Yeialel can answer your prayers, even if you were not born under his influence. So, let him help you to solve your problems. He can help you to master the emotional conflicts and impulses in your life.

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