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Guardian Angel Vehuiah

Guardian Angel Vehuiah

Guardian Angel Vehuiah is the angel of will and new beginnings. Firstly, the meaning of his name is The Exalting God. Guardian Angel Vehuiah is one of the Chajoth Ha Qadesh angel choir, working under the protection of Metatron (in the Jewish culture). Christians consider Guardian Angel Vehuiah to be one of the Seraphims.

Guardian Angel Vehuiah

Guardian Angel Vehuiah

This powerful angel is the one who takes care of the Divine Will. He has the ability to help you initiate, begin a project. He will bring that creative fire that every action of our lives need. Guardian Angel Vehuiah will bring success into your life and every creation of yours. This amazing angel brings energy into your life. He will fill you with abundance, courage and bravery to start and finish anything you have in mind. Guardian Angel Vehuiah helps you to concentrate and focus on your projects. He also helps us all to find the path of healing illnesses and depression.

Vehuiah is the guardian angel of everyone who has been born between March 21 and March 25. He influences these peoples life by only being their guardian angel. If you are born in this period, then you must be a very curious person, You love to try new things and start new projects. You are a healer. Your hands were created to heal yourself and others. Guardian Angel Vehuiah will help you to see the positive part of your life. You are a very optimistic person. You are friendly and love your family.

If you are not born in this period, you can also ask for his help and presence in your life. Therefore, if you need will and ambition to start a project, pray for his help. If you fail too many times, This angel has the power to bring success into your business, project or life.

Invite this powerful angel into your life to improve your lifestyle. He will teach you to live a life of success, to have a positive mind.

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