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Guardian Angel Sitael

Guardian Angel Sitael

Guardian Angel Sitael is the patron of the construction of the Universe. He is also the angel of expansion. The meaning of his name is The God Of Hope. In the Jewish culture, Guardian Angel Sitael belongs to the choir called Chajoth Ha Qadesh, working under the help of Archangel Metatron. In the Christian culture, Sitael is one of the Seraphims.

Guardian Angel Sitael

Guardian Angel Sitael

Sitael is the Patron of the construction of every world. He is the Master Builder. Guardian Angel Sitael helps us to expand, to achieve success and to fructify our actions. He is the patron of the planners and strategists. He brings honesty to those who are building a business or project. Sitael helps us recognize our errors. He can help us transform our karma and teaches us how to avoid creating a new one. Also he will bring into your life nobility, generosity and clemency. He will teach you how to be faithful to your own word and how to keep the promises you make to others. Guardian Angel Sitael also fills you with enthusiasm and gratitude for every creation of God.

Angel of the construction of the Universe

Angel Sitael is the guardian angel of those people who were born between March 31 and April 04. If you are born in this period, then you are not only guided, but also influenced. You are a lucky person. You feel like the financial success is part of your life. Your Guardian Angel Sitael also influences your relationship with others. You are one kind of lone fighter. You are too proud to ask for the help of others. But you love your life. You believe in the word destiny and you know that it is a Divine Truth.

You are friendly and know how to forgive others. Also, you love to create and transform. You support all the people with new ideas that you meet. You always say what is in your mind, letting others know what is your real opinion about a certain subject. Dreaming is a great experience for you. In your dreams, you meet past life memories.

Pray for Sitael’s presence and he will fructify your life, bring success and help you understand your karma and destiny.

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