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Guardian Angel Rochel

Guardian Angel Rochel

Guardian Angel Rochel is the angel of restitution. Firstly, the meaning of his name is God Who Sees Everything. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Rochel belongs to the choir of angels called Cherubims. They are ruled by archangel Gabriel. In Christianity, he is one of the angels.

guardian angel rochelGuardian Angel Rochel

Guardian Angel Rochel is responsible for granting each person what they deserve or what they are entitled to. This amazing angel can help you to find stolen objects. Rochel is also responsible for succession and inheritance. The angel of restitution has the ability to teach you give and to receive easily. He can also help you if you study subjects such as history or law and justice. Guardian Angel Rochel can help you to rediscover your Divine Self. He is also very important for us because he has the ability to cleanse and transform our karma.

Angel Of Restitution

Guardian Angel Rochel is the protector of those who were born between March 01 and March 05. If you were born in this period, then your life is influenced by the angel of restitution. You are a person with a good heart. Also, you are full of strength and energy, but you always use them for helping others. You are a very inventive person who loves new challenges. The presence of your Guardian Angel Rochel in your life fills you with strong intuition. Material items are not as important for you as studying and learning.

You have the ability to learn very fast and easily. Therefore, you are not afraid of new challenges because you know that the angels will show you the right path. You are filled with not only intellectual knowledge, but also with spiritual knowledge. And you know that a loss in this physical world represents a victory in the spiritual world. You see suffering as a great way to win spiritual experience.

In case that you were not born in the influential period of Guardian Angel Rochel, you can still pray for his help. Ask for his guidance when you need help in restoring a lost or stolen item. He is going to fill you with love for study and learning.

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