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Guardian Angel Rehael

Guardian Angel Rehael

Guardian Angel Rehael is the angel of Submission. Firstly, the meaning of his name is God Who Quickly Forgives. In the Jewish culture, he is one of the Seraphims. They are ruled by Kamael the Archangel. Also, in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Rehael belongs to the Virtues. Which are ruled by Archangel Haniel.

Guardian Angel Rehael

Guardian Angel Rehael

Rehael is the angel of submission and receptivity. He fills us all with sensitivity. Guardian Angel Rehael helps us to open our consciousness. He fills us with deep awareness that will lead us to a profound understanding. Rehael helps us to respect the hierarchy we are in. He helps us to trust our superiors. He fills us with the capacity to listen to others. This angel can teach us what paternal love is and how to respect it. He fills us with obedience and respect. Helping us to submit to our parents and respect their advice. Guardian Angel Rehael can help us to remedy mental illnesses such as depression or anxiety. He brings regeneration into our lives.

Angel Of Submission

Guardian Angel Rehael is the protector of those who were born between October 04 and October 08. In case you were born in this period, than your life is influenced by the angel of submission. He is your guardian angel. You know how to increase your spirituality. You also know the importance of regeneration in your spiritual life. And you feel the pure universal love for every living being that you meet. The gift of healing is yours since you were born. The only thing you have to do is to re-learn it and use it. You have the ability to heal other with your hands and even with your mind.

The presence of your Guardian Angel Rehael in you life fills your with a knowledge and love for miracles. You know that miracles exist around you. You also know that these miracles are results of the Divine’s mercy. If you want to know your purpose in this life, well your birth day can say it. The fact that you were born under the influence of this angel reveals it. The purpose of your life is to fight evil. All your life, you will search for methods to fight the evil forces.

Guardian Angel Rehael can guide, even if you were not born in the period mentioned above. He can help you to find profound understanding. He fills you with pure love for every one of God’s creations. If you are in the process of learning a healing method, Rehael can help you succeed.

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