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Guardian Angel Pahaliah

Guardian Angel Pahaliah

Guardian Angel Pahaliah is the angel of redemption and deliverance. The meaning of his name is The Redeemer God. In the Jewish culture, he belongs to the choir of angels called Aralims. Ruled by archangel Zadkiel. Also, in the Christian culture, he is one of the Thrones.

Guardian Angel Pahaliah

Guardian Angel Pahaliah

Pahaliah is the angel of escaping, getting rid of old and bad behaviors. He is linked to sexuality. He can help you repair your marriage and bring harmony. Guardian Angel Pahaliah also brings fidelity, teaching you and your partner its importance. He is also the one who fills your life with spirituality and morality. This angel can easily teach you to recognize good and evil. Pahaliah can bring harmony into your spiritual life. He helps you to recognize your divine nature and inner self. Guardian Angel Pahaliah brings into your life courage, morality, dynamism and initiation. He helps you to rectify errors you’ve made in the past. When he is in your life, he will bring a sense purity.

Redemption And Deliverance

Angel Pahaliah is the guardian angel of those who were born between June 27 and July 01. Your Guardian Angel Pahaliah influences your personality and character if you are born in this period. You are a true fighter. Always searching for something to fight for. You appreciate peace between yourself and others. You attract others due to your optimistic personality. Happiness for you is living with a faithful companion who will be next to you all your life.

Your Guardian Angel Pahaliah will guide you all your life. Even if your financial situation is not the best, you still look rich. You take care of your look. But your character reflects abundance also. Also, you look younger than you actually are. In case you start to feel lazy, Pahaliah will wake you up and make you continue your life with dynamism. You are attracted by the celestial world, trying to contact angels and ask for their help. This way you will find out more about your higher self and the spiritual realm.

If you are not born under the influence of Guardian Angel Pahaliah, you can still pray for his protection. He will help you when you feel lazy. He will guide you to your inner self. And he will bring the harmony you need in the spiritual plan of your existence.

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