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Guardian Angel Nith Haiah

 Guardian Angel Nith Haiah

Guardian Angel Nith Haiah is the bearer of magic and wisdom. The meaning of his name is The Generous God. In the Jewish culture, Guardian Angel Nith Haiah is one of the Chasmalims. But in the Christian culture, he is one of the Dominions.

Guardian Angel Nith Haiah

Guardian Angel Nith Haiah

Nith-Haiah is the bearer of love, wisdom and magic. He can teach you to understand and use the spiritual forces. Guardian Angel Nith Haiah also promotes the learning of the Kabbalah and metaphysics. He can help you obtain everything you need. This angel allows you the understanding of the notion of time. He reveals the secrets of the process of creation.

Guardian Angel Nith Haiah helps us to understand the visions we get while we dream or meditate. When he is guiding you, he fills you with peace and a great respect and love for peace. He teaches you to appreciate solitude and silence. And to use them for a proper inner analysis. Nith Haiah is the patron of the so called white magic. This is the magic we use for the well-being of others. If you want to learn white magic and use it in your life, ask for this angel’s help. He will teach you to do it properly and protect you the entire ritual.

Magic And Wisdom

Nith-Haiah is the guardian angel of those who were born between July 23 and July 27. If you were born on one of these five days, then your guardian angel is the angel of magic. You are a very balanced person. Therefore, you posses patience, harmony and self-control. You wish for the good of others, even of your enemies. It is hard for you to hate those who harmed you. Your Guardian Angel Nith Haiah ‘s presence in your life helps you to see that you have no limits. You can do anything you want. You can have great spiritual powers, intuition and psychic abilities. Also, you are curious about the evil forces and you try to defeat them with goodness and love. You easily learn how to summon elements by using certain prayers.

Even if you didn’t born with Guardian Angel Nith Haiah as your protector, you can still enjoy his magical presence in your life. You only have to pray and ask for his help. He will help you to find place to contemplate or meditate. He will help you succeed with your white magic rituals.

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