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Guardian Angel Nemamiah

Guardian Angel Nemamiah

Guardian Angel Nemamiah is the angel of discernment. The meaning of his name is The Lovely God. In the Jewish culture, he belongs to the choir of angels called Beni Elohim. They are ruled by Archangel Ariel. Also, in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Nemamiah is one of the Archangels. They are ruled by Archangel Michael.

Guardian Angel NemamiahGuardian Angel Nemamiah

Nemamiah is the non-attachment. Guardian Angel Nemamiah allows you the ability to understand things by simply observing them. He reveals you the cause of your problems. Nemamiah is the patron of geniuses. He allows us amazing abilities such as anticipation and foresight. Guardian Angel Nemamiah brings a feeling of freedom into your life. He helps you to establish and understand different life plans. He can help you to renounce material privileges. If you need a mission and devotion, Nemamiah is the angel you should pray for. He fills you with devotion and good ideas. Also, when you are feeling lazy, this angel fills you with a sense of action. Nemamiah brings nobility and magnanimity into your life.

Angel Of Discernment

Guardian Angel Nemamiah is the protector of those who were born between January 01 and January 05. If you were born in this period, then you are guided by the angel of discernment. Guardian Angel Nemamiah influences, not only your actions, but also your character. You were born to be a leader! You are a very brave person. Love is a feeling of respect for everything surrounding you. Patience and courage are two important qualities of yours. They help you to face every problem. Your guardian angel will always protect you from betrayal and revenge. Also, your intelligence transforms you into one of the best fighters against evil.

Your purpose in life is to create a new world, a better world. The presence of your protector angel is usual for you. You feel Nemamiah and his protecting wings all your life. And you constantly experience revelations in your dreams. You will be respected in times of crisis, due to your abilities as an economist and administrator. Cheerful, very friendly and full of life are only three of your best qualities. You also have a great willpower. Family is very important for you. But nothing is as important as your children and their well being.

In case that you were not born under the influence of Guardian Angel Nemamiah, he can still guide you. He will help you to face all of your problems. Nemamiah will help you to feel free and alive.

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