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Guardian Angel Nanael

Guardian Angel Nanael

Guardian Angel Nanael is the angel of spiritual communication. The meaning of his name is The God Who Humiliates The Proud. In the Jewish culture, he is belongs to the Elohims. They are ruled by Raphael the archangel. But in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Nanael belongs to the Principalities. Therefore, Haniel the archangel is his superior.

Guardian Angel Nanael

Guardian Angel Nanael

Nanael is the patron angel of spiritual communication of any kind. Guardian Angel Nanael inspires us to start spiritual works such as meditation. He helps us to learn more about the spiritual life. Angel Nanael brings us useful spiritual teachings. He teaches us to contemplate about higher plans of existence. Guardian Angel Nanael is the patron of mysticism. He can allow us hidden knowledge about the spiritual realm. He fills us with love for solitude. Nnaneal teaches us to appreciate the moments of solitude. These moments are important for meditation and contemplation. This amazing angel has the ability to facilitate our communication with The Divine.

Spiritual Communication

Guardian Angel Nanael is the protector of those who were born between December 13 and December 16. If you are born in this period, than you are influenced by the patron of the spiritual knowledge. You are a very intelligent person. And you are feeling a powerful attraction for abstract science. You love solitude and being alone. The best way to spend your time is by listening to classical music while you meditate. This fills you with peace and harmony. You have great chances to reach enlightenment. Others will always respect you for your innocence and truthful character. The presence of your Guardian Angel Nanael in your life fills you with a passion for the spiritual world.

Your purpose in this life is to discover new spiritual knowledge. You are the person that everyone will love to call their true friend. Therefore, you and your life are surrounded by love. You understand love and its importance for humanity. It is possible that you were born with a physical illness. Or you’ve had an accident as a child. But this only makes your spirit stronger. Inside of that weak physical body lives a powerful warrior.

Even if you were not born in the influential period of Guardian Angel Nanael, you can still enjoy his guidance. He will teach you how to master any spiritual practice. Nanael will improve your daily spiritual routines. And also helps you to get used to them. Let this amazing angel get you closer to the Divine through communication.

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