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Guardian Angel Mumiah

Guardian Angel Mumiah

Guardian Angel Mumiah is the angel of endings. The meaning of the name Mumiah is God The End Of The Universe. In Judaism, Guardian Angel Mumiah is a Cherubim. And he is ruled by Archangel Gabriel. But in Christianity, he is an angel.

guardian angel mumiahGuardian Angel Mumiah

Guardian Angel Mumiah is the angel of ending and rebirth. He is also the bringer of new beginnings. He is the angel which sows the seeds for a new life. Being the angel of endings, Mumiah can help you to end projects that you’ve started. He can also help you to begin a new one. Guardian Angel Mumiah can help you to understand the Law of Reincarnation. He is the one who announces the end of a cycle and the start of a new one. This amazing angel helps us to find the transformations we need for a new life and new knowledge. Mumiah is also linked to the opening of conscious and getting new spiritual knowledge. Mumiah accompanies the dying ones, helps them to find their end and new beginning.

Angel Of Endings

Guardian Angel Mumiah is the protector of those who were born between March 16 and March 20. If you were born in this period, then you are influenced by the angel of Rebirth. You are in a continuous searching of new knowledge. Also, you become famous and respected because of your ability to unveil secrets of the physical world. You are also in a continuous change and renovation. You are always searching for the truth. And you love to help others to make a change for good in their lives.

Due to the presence of your guardian angel in your life, you will face a series of amazing events. These events are also due to your initiative. You love to work, and you know that work is necessary in achieving your ideal. But you also love to study, especially the laws. You possess amazing alchemist skills. These skills wil begin early, in your childhood.

In case that you were not born under the influence of Guardian Angel Mumiah, you can still pray for his help. He will bring endings and new beginnings into your life. Ask for his guidance to have the courage to take the necessary actions for a new and better life.

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