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Guardian Angel Mitzrael

Guardian Angel Mitzrael

Guardian Angel Mitzrael is the angel of reparation. The meaning of his name is God Who Liberates The Oppressed. In the Jewish culture, he is one of the Beni Elohims. This choir of angels is ruled by Archangel Ariel. But in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Mitzrael belongs to the Archangels. They are ruled by Archangel Michael.

Guardian Angel MitzraelGuardian Angel Mitzrael

Mitzreal is the angel of internal reparation. He is also linked to rectification and reparation of errors. Guardian Angel Mitzrael helps you to understand obedience and authority. He has the ability to heal mental illnesses. This amazing angel brings the reparation in your life through awareness. Mitzrael promotes the balance and connection between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level of existence. Guardian Angel Mitzrael can improve your knowledge in domains such as psychology, neurology and technology. He brings some kind of simplicity in your life.

Guardian Angel Mitzrael is the protector of those who were born between January 16 and January 20. If you are lucky to be born in this period, then you are guided by the angel of reparation. Guardian Angel Mitzrael influences your whole life, even your behavior. You have a beautiful body and soul. You understand the importance of mistakes for your soul. But you also know how mistakes work and how to rectify them. Work is important for you.

Angel Of Reparation

Your life’s purpose is to find you higher self. And also to achieve a balance between every level of existence (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional). You know that wisdom is important for a good and happy life. Your wisdom will help you to achieve higher plains of your existence. There you will rediscover new knowledge about the spirit and even karma. You know that if you help others, it can help you get rid of the karma that links you to this world. Your spiritual life will make you highly respected. You have a vast knowledge about the divine. And you see God’s sparkle in everything.

Guardian Angel Mitzrael can help you, even if you were not born between January 16 and 20. He will teach you to learn from your mistakes. But he will also show you how to rectify them and find balance in your life.

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