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Guardian Angel Menadel

Guardian Angel Menadel

Guardian Angel Menadel is the angel of work. The meaning of his name is The Honorable God. He belongs to the Seraphims, in the Jewish culture. Being ruled by Archangel Kamael. But in the Christian culture, he belongs to the Virtues. Which are ruled by Archangel Haniel.

Guardian Angel Menadel

Guardian Angel Menadel

Menadel is the patron angel of work. But he is also the angel of helpfulness, altruism, cooperation and vocation. Guardian Angel Menadel is known as the foreman in the Divine factory. He is the angel who can help us find the job that suits us the best. He also help us to adapt to jobs or situations. Menadel facilitates inner work. He allows us to find truth and freedom by working. Guardian Angel Menadel helps us and others to understand the meaning of work. He also helps us to get the willpower we need to start working. Menadel helps us to see our true potential. And he fills us with dedication for everything we do.

Angel Of Work

Guardian Angel Menadel is the protector of those who were born between September 18 and September 23. If you are lucky to be born in this period, than your life and personality are influenced by this amazing angel. You are a person with a lot of willpower. You are wise and confident. Your dedication for work turns you into a perfectionist. Respect is something you instantly earn due to your business abilities. The presence of your Guardian Angel Menadel in your life, turns you into an optimistic and independent person. You highly value truth and honesty. Also, you don’t have a big confidence in religion, but you believe in God. You have a strong faith. But you are also very stubborn. Asking for help is a last chance for you. Even if it is about asking for help from your guardian angel.

If you are not born in the influential period of Guardian Angel Menadel, you can still enjoy his presence. He will teach how to value your job. He brings love and devotion for the work you do.

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