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Guardian Angel Meditation

Guardian Angel Meditation

Guardian Angel Meditation is a meditation method used to reconnect with your guardian angel. This is a way of using mindfulness to hear the voice of your guardian angel. This Guardian Angel Meditation will help you to know your protector better, to improve your intuition. And to maintain a strong connection between you and your patron angel. This is also a great way to find a state of peace. When you connect to your guardian angel, you connect to God himself.

Guardian Angel Meditation

Guardian Angel Meditation

This is a step-by-step guide to practice the Guardian Angel Meditation.

Firstly, you have to prepare a space for your meditation. You need a place with a bed or a comfortable chair. The place has to be quiet. You have to make sure that nobody and nothing will disturb you while you meditate. This mean turning off your television, computer and even your phone (a call in the middle of the meditation is what you have to avoid). If you do the meditation at daylight, be sure that shut your blinds, too much light can be disturbing.

The next step in preparing the space is lighting candles or incense. They are great to clean the space and to make it comfortable for your guardian angel. The light of the candles and the smoke of the incense can improve your focus. You can also use meditation music or natural sounds like rain, river, ocean sounds, etc.

Now that the space is comfortable, it’s time to make yourself comfortable. Lay down or sit in a relaxing position. You don’t have to sit in a lotus position. Laying in your bed is also great. Remember that you will have to stay in the same position until the meditation is done, so find that position.


It’s time to Breath. You have to breath deeply and focus on your breath. Try to free your mind from all the thoughts. Reach the state of mindfulness, when you think about nothing. When there are thoughts, don’t panic, acknowledge that thought and let it go. You only have to focus on your breath.

When you cleared your mind, it’s time to connect with your guardian angel. You can say your guardian angel’s name, if you know it. You can say a prayer, if you know one. Or you can say: “Hello! My guardian angel!”.

Now it’s time to use your intuition. If your guardian angel heard you, it will be there. You can feel a presence, warmth, hear a noise or hear an actual voice. If you sense nothing, then ask your protector to give you a sign that he is there. The Guardian Angel Meditation continues as long as you have things to say to your angel. The conversation is as long as you want. When you are ready to finish the meditation, you have to say goodbye to your guardian angel. When you said goodbye, you can start to come back. Stay calm for a few seconds before trying to get up.

This Guardian Angel Meditation will help you get closer to your protector angel. It will improve your intuition for messages from the celestial world. And it is also a very relaxing spiritual practice.

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