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Guardian Angel Mebahiah

Guardian Angel Mebahiah

Guardian Angel Mebahiah is the angel of intellectual lucidity. The meaning of his name is The Eternal God. In the Jewish culture, he belongs to the Elohims. These angels are ruled by Archangel Raphael. But in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Mebahiah is one of the Principalities. This choir of angels is ruled by Haniel the archangel.

Guardian Angel Mebahiah

Guardian Angel Mebahiah

Mebahiah is the giver of intellectual lucidity. He helps us to understand this world through our senses. Guardian Angel Mebahiah brings clarity into our lives. This clarity will allow goodness and kindness to surround us. He is also the bringer of consolation. This consolation is the result of our understanding of the situation. Guardian Angel Mebahiah fills us with the sense of responsibility and duty. He helps us to regulate and clarify our desires. This angel brings harmony into the way we react and behave. He teaches us morality. Mebahiah helps us to get experience in the profound and mysterious world of spirituality.

Intellectual Lucidity

Guardian Angel Mebahiah is the protector of those who were born between December 22 and December 26. If you are lucky to born in this period, then your character is influenced by the angel of intellectual lucidity. You are very loving person. Your heart and aura is filled with love not only for God, but for the entire mankind. You understand things easily. Your understanding of spirituality is vast. And you love to share all of the knowledge that you discover. Due to the presence of your Guardian Angel Mebahiah in your life, you will always be curious about the spiritual world. Therefore, you have the potential to discover all its mysteries. You are also a very religious person.

You live your life according to The Divine Laws. Your love for others motivates you to help anytime you can. The material world is not as important for you as the spiritual one. The family is one of the most important things in your life. Your significant other will have the same passion for spirituality. And your kids will continue your searching for understanding and knowledge and spreading it. Your aura radiates love, but also mystery. Your whole character is surrounded by mystery. This will make it hard to be understood sometimes. Your purpose in this life is to learn spirituality and share the knowledge with others. And also to share love and understanding everywhere you go.

Even if you were not born in the influential period Guardian Angel Mebahiah, you can still ask for his help. If you are in search for an effective spiritual practice, he can help you. He can also help you to bring clarity into your mind. And to see things differently.

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