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Guardian Angel Jeliel

Guardian Angel Jeliel

Guardian Angel Jeliel is the angel of love and wisdom. Firstly, the meaning of his name is The Helping God. In the Jewish culture, Guardian Angel Jeliel belongs to the angel choir called Chajoth Ha Qadesh, under archangel Metatron. But in the Christian culture, Jeliel is considered to be one of the Seraphims.

Guardian Angel Jeliel

Guardian Angel Jeliel

Jeliel is the patron of couples, marriages and relationships. He brings love and wisdom into your life. Teaching you reliability, fidelity and tranquility in a relationship. Guardian Angel Jeliel can solve any conflict or dispute. He has the ability to materialize your true and kind wishes. Jeliel has the big mission to spread and manifest love everywhere. When you face problems and you have to talk to someone, Guardian Angel Jeliel is the best listener and conciliator. He has the ability to teach you how to create a harmonious life with your partner and family. Jeliel can show you the calmness and inner peace that hides inside of you.

Angel Of Love And Wisdom

Jeliel is the guardian angel of those people who were born between March 26 and March 30. He is not only your guardian angel if you were born in this period. He also influences your life. You have to experience a loss of patience in your life. Therefore, you love to do everything quickly. You know what is right or wrong. As a child you are guided by your intuition. Your heart is kind and you already know that you are in this life for a purpose. The influence of your Guardian Angel Jeliel, also teaches you about karma. You know that everything happening to you is your karmic choice. Also you know you have the ability to face anything in this life with love and wisdom. You believe in the Universal Truth. Therefore, you are a strong person, never letting others to negatively influence you.

Joliel’s love will transform you into a bringer of peace. Pray for his presence in your life. Let him wrap his loving wings around you and bring you calmness, peace and wisdom. Guardian Angel Jeliel will help you face every relationship related issues and problems easily.

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