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Guardian Angel Jabamiah

Guardian Angel Jabamiah

Guardian Angel Jabamiah is the angel of alchemy. The meaning of the name Jabamiah is God Who Creates Everything With His Word. In Judaism, this angel belongs to the choir of angels called Cherubims. These angels are ruled by archangel Gabriel. But in Christianity, Guardian Angel Jabamiah is one of the angels.

guardian angel jabamiahGuardian Angel Jabamiah

Guardian Angel Jabamiah is the angel of alchemy and transformation. He has the amazing ability to transform everything that is evil into good. He also brings powerful healing energy into your life. Jabamiah has the ability to regenerate, heal, revitalize and to restore the harmony into your life. This amazing angel is the bringer of transformation. He transforms the society with spirituality. Also Guardian Angel Jabamiah brings love into your life and helps you to learn how to love unconditionally. He is a great teacher allowing us to learn about the importance of the spiritual guides. He can also help us to learn how to become a spiritual healer. Jabamiah helps you to deal with death and teaches you how to accompany the dying ones.

Angel Of Alchemy

Guardian Angel Jabamiah is the protector of those who were born between March 06 and March 10. If you were born in this period, then you are influenced by the angel of transformation. You are an amazing person filled with confidence and optimism. These two qualities come from the army of angels who guide your life and give you power. You have a very powerful character that you will maintain at any cost. You are also filled with integrity, being always honest and having nothing to hide.

Spirituality is very important for you. Healing is one of your spiritual powers. You can heal people, plants and animals. Your third eye is open. With its help, you can decode cosmic constellations. Your intuition is very powerful. The presence of your Guardian Angel Jabamiah in your life fills you with respect for the truth. Searching for the truth is your life purpose and truth is your religion.

Even if you are not born in the influential period of Guardian Angel Jabamiah, you can still pray for his guidance. He will bring the transformation and love you need in your life.

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