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Guardian Angel Imamiah

Guardian Angel Imamiah

Guardian Angel Imamiah is the angel of recognition of errors. The meaning of his name is The God Who Is Hidden In The Darkness. He is one of the Elohims, in the Jewish culture. This choir of angels is ruled by Archangel Raphael. But he is also one of the Principalities, in the Christian culture. The principalities are ruled by Archangel Haniel.

Guardian Angel Imamiah

Guardian Angel Imamiah

Imamiah is the angel who helps us recognize our own errors. Guardian Angel Imamiah allows us the ability to expiate, repair and even pay for our errors. The errors we make in our lives are also known as karma. This amazing angel fills us with courage, emotional strength and great vigor. He helps us to carry hard tasks more easily. Guardian Angel Imamiah can console us, support and take care of us when we are facing difficulties. He fills us with charisma, restoring our faith in ourselves. Immamiah also improves our social life, bringing harmony and peace. He fills our soul with patience, humility and simplicity. This amazing angel helps us to get free from our inner prisons.

Recognition Of Errors

Guardian Angel Imamiah is the protector of those who were born between December 08 and December 12. If you are born in this period, than Imamiah influences your life and personality. You are a very patient and courageous person. Also, you have a strong temperament. And you love to work and also to create beauty. There are many professions that could suit you easily. They are all the professions linked to beauty. The presence of your Guardian Angel Imamiah in your life turns you into a great home decorator.

You know the meaning of magical symbols and their importance. Keeping negative energy out of your home is an easy job for an expert like you. Respect is a very important thing for you. Your character and your actions are a true inspiration for others. Mistakes are very important for you. You know very well the importance of mistakes and errors in your life. They are a way of learning. And of getting emotional and mental experience. Learning from mistakes also strengthens your soul. You also know how to fix things and situations that seem hopeless.

In case that you were not born under the influence of Guardian Angel Imamiah, he can still teach you about errors and mistakes. He can help you to learn from your wrong decisions. And also to act smarter next time. Let him show you how to repair your mistakes.

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