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Guardian Angel Ieiazel

Guardian Angel Ieiazel

Guardian Angel Ieiazel is the angel of consolation. Firstly, the meaning of his name is God Who Delights Every Living Thing. In the Jewish culture, He belongs to the Seraphims. Who are ruled by Kamael the archangel. But in the Christian culture, he is one of the Virtues. They are ruled by Haniel the archangel.

Guardian Angel Ieiazel

Guardian Angel Ieiazel

Ieiazel is the angel of consolation and comfort. He fills us with appreciation. Guardian Angel Ieiazel teaches us the importance of the periods of renewal. He brings consolation into our lives. Also, he can help us to get rid of our addictions. These addictions can be emotional conditions or other kind of obsessive behaviors. Ieiazel helps us to prevent emotional outburst.

He has the ability to end periods of difficult situations. He is the bringer of easier periods in our lives. Guardian Angel Ieiazel is the one who can bring rejoice into your life. He carries peace and harmony. He also helps us to begin new creations. Ieiazel is linked to writing, reading, libraries. But he is also the patron of music, painting and arts. This amazing angel can help us to master passion. He can help us to control every intense energy we face through our lives.

Angel Of Consolation

Guardian Angel Ieiazel is the protector of those who were born between October 09 and October 13. f you were born in this period, than the angel of consolation influences your personality. Study is your big love. You love to read and learn new things. You gather knowledge and information about every aspect of the world. Your knowledge makes you confident in yourself. Helping others is an action that makes you happy. And you can hardly say no when somebody asks for help.

Love is the most valuable aspect of your life. Money is not as important for you as it is for others. If it happens to find your soulmate, you will marry that person purely from love. Your intuition is powerful and you let yourself driven by it, rather than by logic. The main purpose of your life is to help those in need. And also to impress others with your rich knowledge. Your character is noble and worthy of respect.

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