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Guardian Angel Haziel

Guardian Angel Haziel

Guardian Angel Haziel is the angel of mercy and forgiveness. The meaning of his name is The Merciful God. Guardian Angel Haziel, in the Jewish culture, is one of the so called Auphanims, ruled by Archangel Raziel. On the other hand, in the Christian culture, he is one of the Cherubims.

Guardian Angel Haziel

Guardian Angel Haziel

Haziel is the patron of the divine love and mercy. He brings forgiveness and reconciliation into your life. Guardian Angel Haziel allows you good faith in yourself and others. He fills you with trust and sincerity. His goodness is able to fight every evil force from your life. Angel Haziel is able to help you remember the childlike purity that hides inside of you. He transforms the negative energy on earth and in the heavens. You can ask for his help in changing the negative energy in your home into positive ones.  Guardian Angel Haziel brings you encouragement, grace, selflessness. He teaches you how to respect and keep your promises.

Angel Of Mercy And Forgiveness

Haziel is the guardian angel of those who were born between May 01 and May 05. If you are born in this period, then you are amazingly influenced by this angel. Your Guardian Angel Haziel fills you with grace and mercy. You are free of judgment for others, focusing on your own actions and not others’. You are always protected by older people in your life. They take care of you due to your amazing attitude for every work you do. When you face difficult situations, Haziel is the one you count on.

You are great and faithful friend that anyone can rely on. You always keep your promises. Your Guardian Angel Haziel teaches you to feel commitment for any project you start. You are fascinated by spiritual works. Your most important purpose on earth is spiritual growth. You know how to forgive others and how to teach others to forgive. Haziel gave you the ability to transform your and others’ negative karma into positive one.

If Haziel is not your guardian angel, but you need spiritual growth, awareness, mercy and forgiveness in your life, pray for him. Guardian Angel Haziel will guide you and teach you to forgive others and to stop judging people by their acts. Enjoy his loving presence in your life.

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