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Guardian Angel Harahel

Guardian Angel Harahel

Guardian Angel Harahel is the angel of intellectual abundance. Firstly, the meaning of his name is The All Pervading God. In the Jewish culture, he is one of the Ben Elohims. So, he is ruled by Ariel the archangel. But in the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Harahel is one of the Archangels. Therefore, his supervisor is Micheal the Archangel.

Guardian Angel HarahelGuardian Angel Harahel

Harahel is the angel of intellectual richness. He helps us to materialize our dreams with the help of technology. Guardian Angel Harahel allows us access to knowledge. He helps us to love learning and to learn with easiness. This amazing angel helps us to get a balanced intelligence in every domain of learning. Guardian Angel Harahel fills our life with goodness, truth and beauty. He promotes productivity, intellectual creativity and abundance. Harahel helps children to become obedient and loving. He can help you to convert your intellectual qualities into fortune. Harahel is the patron angel of writers, journalists and publishers.

Intellectual Abundance

Guardian Angel Harahel is the guardian angel of those who were born between January 11 and January 15. If you were born in this short period, then you are guided by Guardian Angel Harahel. His presence influences your action, your thoughts and your character. Your life will be about seeking knowledge continuously. You know how to educate yourself. You have an amazing character with powerful qualities. Therefore, you are noble, brave, beautiful and with an amazing charisma. Your spiritual knowledge is rich.

Most likely, you will become a spiritual teacher. You are going to feel the need to share your knowledge with others, at some point of your life. And you will be a true teacher, patient and dedicated. Your spiritual path will start with healing. Money will appear in your life in the most unexpected ways. You will never struggle to earn them. But you will use what you earned to achieve new spiritual knowledge. You love your children and your relationship with them is filled with harmony. Your guardian angel will be by your side all your life. And you will use his presence to live a life filled with love and happiness.

Guardian Angel Harahel can help anyone, not only those who were born under his influence. So if you are a student who wants to learn with ease, pray for his guidance. But Harahel can help you with finding new spiritual knowledge, if you are in search. He can help you to learn about spiritual practices.

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