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Guardian Angel Haheuiah

Guardian Angel Haheuiah

Guardian Angel Haheuiah is the angel of protection. The meaning of his name is The Good Out Of Itself God. In the Jewish culture, Guardian Angel Haheuiah is one of the Aralims. And he is ruled by Zadkiel. But in the Christian culture, he is one of the Thrones.

Guardian Angel Haheuiah

Guardian Angel Haheuiah

Haheuiah is the patron angel of police officers, soldiers, lawyers and judges. He is the angel who warns us in case of a danger. Guardian Angel Haheuiah protects us from the evil forces. He is the bringer of justice. Pray for his presence into your life if you want to be protected against thieves, murderers, evil forces, evil spells, bewitchment or harmful creatures.

Haheuiah’s presence in your life will bring sincerity. You will meet sincere and truthful people. This angel can also teach you to listen to your intuition. He allows you the capacity to anticipate a situation before it happens. Guardian Angel Haheuiah is a defender of the Divine Justice. He helps us understand and respect it. This powerful angel can also help you to find out and repair your karma. Pray for his guidance to end difficult periods of your life.

Angel Of Protection

Haheuiah is the guardian angel of those who were born between July 17 and July 22. If you were born in this period than your life is influenced by the angel of protection. You are very close to your family. You tend to live close to your parents, even after you get married. They mean a kind of protection that you can’t miss.

Your Guardian Angel Haheuiah endows you with spiritual power. You are a great friend, mature and intelligent. Safety is important for you, not only in your family, but also in your life and at work. You need safety. Therefore you are never doing anything that could harm you. Religion is a way to find answers to the big questions in the world. You study different religions and try to find the answers you need. You are also the defender of the innocent.

In case that you are not born under the influence of Guardian Angel Haheuiah, you can still be protected. Pray for the protective power of this angel. Let it guide you through difficult situations that could harm you.

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