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Guardian Angel Habuhiah

Guardian Angel Habuhiah

Guardian Angel Habuhiah is the patron angel of healing. Firstly, the meaning of his name is The Kindest Giver God. In Judaism, he belongs to the choir of angels known as Cherubims. Being ruled by Archangel Gabriel. In the Christian culture, Guardian Angel Habuhiah is one of the angels.

Guardian Angel HabuhiahGuardian Angel Habuhiah

Guardian Angel Habuhiah is the angel of healing methods. He is linked to every healing method ever discovered or used. Habuhiah is the patron of all the medical therapies and also of all the spiritual or metaphysical healing. This amazing angel has the ability to restore the balance in your body. His presence in your life fills you with love for the nature, open spaces and the peace they emanate. Habuhiah is also linked to agriculture. He can help you to have a great harvest. He has the ability to fertilize nature and to fill it with creative power. The angel of healing is also responsible for adjusting everything to the Divine Standards. He can also help you to adjust and regulate your own desires.

Angel Of Healing

Guardian Angel Habuhiah is the guardian angel of those who were born between February 25 and February 29. If you were born in this period, then your life is influenced by the angel of healing. You are always in a good mood. And your good mood is very contagious. In your relationship with others you are a very noble and selfless person. You gain others respect and attention due to your elegance and class. You are a very intelligent person with powerful analytical capacity.

Also, you are a very honest person. You know that your life is full of chances given by God. The presence of your Guardian Angel Habuhiah in your life fills you with confidence and security that everything will work out great. You know the importance of your guardian angel in your life. He is the one you ask guidance from when you need your intelligence to manifest in proper ways.

Even if you were not born in the influential period of Guardian Angel Habuhiah, you can still enjoy his guiding presence in your life. Pray for his healing energy. If you are a healer, then pray for his assistance in your healing sessions.

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